ビューティ、ファッション誌の他にタトゥー、ボディペイントを得意とする。渡米先のLos Angelesで特殊メイクを学び、多数の経験を積んだ後、帰国。Make up Artist yUKI氏に師事。豊富な経験と得意のフレッシュかつ完璧な肌作りを習得し、2013年独立。現在はファッション誌、広告、ショウを中心に自身の持つユニークなアイデアとカラフルな色使いで様々な現場で活動。国内のショウのみならず海外のコレクションチームに参加。活動の場を広げている。


When I was child, I was very interested in painting, sketching and art things. I moved to Los Angeles and learned the special effect make-up and airbrush techniques.   I built up my carrier as make-up artist at Los Angeles. After I returned to Japan I trained under renowned make-up artist yUKI and mastered the fresh and flawless skin techniques. From 2013, I am starting as a free lance  make-up artist. Currently, I based in Tokyo and participate in many shows at  overseas as well as Japan.


VOGUE Japan/VOGUE Polska/Teen VOGUE U.S/L'officiel Malaysia/NicOtiNe/TUSH/ELLE Japan/ELLE girl/ELLE mariage/SPUR/NYLON Japan/NYLON Indonesia/WWD/Chasseur/Dew magazine KING KONG/GQ /METAL/marie clair/MAQUIA /Madame Figaro MODE China/THE NEW ORDER/ her magazine/hunger magazine/Numero/ ONE/PUSS PUSS/REVS Japan/Sweet/Silver/Schon!/VISION  




(TV&WEBCM)docomo/LEXUS/ZINS/Oculus/NETFLIX followers/Heineken/FRISK/GATSBY/CASTERBIZ/Kubota/Zoff/Laforet/PS4/Audi/Docomo/Galaxy/UNIQLO/Parco/&Chouette/Moist Diane/森ビル designing TOKYO/リアルゴールドワークス/さけるチーズ/洋服の青山/KIRIN氷結/マルコメkawaii miso/Canon/HECATE/ Maison KOSE

(Advertisement)Lumine/GU/Shibuya 109/SPRITE/ポカリスエット/Guerlain Meteorites 30th Anniversary/KEITAMARUYAMA/ISSEY MIYAKE Haat /I.T Hong kong/ agnes b./A.D.M.J/HYSTERIC GLAMOUR  




Dios  逃避行 / 劇場

King Gnu  slumberland

MONDO GLOSSO 春はトワに目覚める


Nulbarich  Lipstick

ゆず  OLA!!




KAMUY  link



RUNWAY SHOWS: (Chief  Makeup Artist)

FACE.A-J    rakuten fashion week Tokyo

Murral        2019 s/s collection Tokyo

ENHANCE     2018 a/w Amazon fashion week Tokyo

Asia Fashion Award       2017  Taipei

Theory presentation      2017 GinzaSix

T MALL collection       2016 Shanghai

MIHARA HASUHIRO Modified  2016 a/w

FNO American Eagle outfitters collection

Sweet Collection 2015 (Peach John Stage)

Daks        2015 s/s collection Tokyo

Hiromichi Nakano  2014 a/w, 2017 a/w, 2018 s/s

KOE presentation  2014 a/w

Asia Beauty Expo 7th for Honda Premier Hair International

African Apeiron   2014 a/w Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo

STOF          2014 s/s  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo

TOKYO RUNWAY  2013 a/w (foreign models)

YOSHIO KUBO   2013 a/w Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo




DIOR Men Pre-Fall 2019

sacai Tokyo collection Spring 2018 

Christian Dior Spring 2017 Couture tokyo

Fendi Haute fourrure collection 2015 tokyo

Junya Watanabe Men's Spring 2016 paris

Christian Dior Fall 2015 tokyo

Christian Dior Pre Fall 2015 tokyo

MiuMiu Fall 2015 tokyo