Los Angelesで特殊メイクを学ぶ。帰国後はMake up Artist yUKI氏に師事。2013年独立。特殊メイクで培ったボディペイントやエアブラシ の知識をベースにしたアーティステックかつ遊び心のあるクリエーションを得意とし、現在はビューティ、ファッション誌、広告など様々なフィールドで活動。

When I was child, I was very interested in painting, sketching and art things. I moved to Los Angeles and learned the special effect make-up and airbrush techniques. I built up my carrier as make-up artist at Los Angeles. After I returned to Japan I trained under renowned make-up artist yUKI. and I have been working as a freelance makeup artist since 2013. I am Currently based in Tokyo.


VOGUE Japan/VOGUE Polska/Teen VOGUE U.S/Harper's BAZAAR/L'officiel Malaysia/NicOtiNe/TUSH/ELLE Japan/ELLE girl/ELLE mariage/SPUR/NYLON Japan/NYLON Indonesia/Perfect/WWD/Milk HongKong/Dew magazine/ KING KONG/GQ /METAL/MAQUIA /Madame Figaro MODE China/THE NEW ORDER/Numero/PUSS PUSS/REVS Japan/Silver/Schon!/VISION  




docomo/LEXUS/ZINS/Oculus/NETFLIXfollowers/Heineken/FRISK/GATSBY/CASTERBIZ/Kubota/Zoff/Laforet/PS4/Audi/UNIQLO/Parco/Moist Diane/森ビル designing TOKYO/Family Mart/さけるチーズ/洋服の青山/KIRIN氷結/マルコメkawaii miso/Canon/HECATE/ Maison KOSE/LUMINE /GU/Shibuya 109/SPRITE/ポカリスエット




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RUNWAY SHOWS: (Chief  Makeup Artist)

FACE.A-J      rakuten fashion week Tokyo

Murral         2019 s/s collection Tokyo

ENHANCE      2018 a/w Amazon fashion week Tokyo

Asia Fashion Award         2017 Taipei

Theory presentation         2017 GinzaSix

T MALL collection          2016 Shanghai

MIHARA HASUHIRO Modified  2016 a/w

FNO American Eagle outfitters collection

Sweet Collection     2015 (Peach John Stage)

Daks             2015 s/s collection Tokyo

Hiromichi Nakano     2014 a/w, 2017 a/w, 2018 s/s

KOE presentation     2014 a/w

Asia Beauty Expo 7th for Honda Premier Hair International

African Apeiron   2014 a/w Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo

STOF     2014 s/s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo

TOKYO RUNWAY   2013 a/w (foreign models)

YOSHIO KUBO    2013 a/w Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo